Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Morning Conversation with Mom

(5:45 A:M)

Mom : Get up Sanna….

Sanna : Yaaaaaaaaa……….Mom

Mom : Get up Sanna….time to go for a morning walk.

Sanna : Ya mom 5 minutes more..umm(Ohh, damn i was dreaming of my blog stats and feeds… :) )

The five minutes turn to half an hour..

(6:20 A:M)

Mom : Till now you are sleeping. Today also you didn’t go for the morning walk.

Sanna : Plzzzz… i am on my feet I m goin…...

I always goes for a morning walk ( After 2 years start it again). At that time, I think abt my blog’s contents.

(7:10 A:M)

Sanna :It is better to check out emails, Blog comments responses and…and…daily news.

Mom is busy in decide the color combination for dress… :) n in kitchen……

(7:50 A:M)

Mom Shouting : Come down, Your breakfast is ready and don’t forget your launch box…

Sanna loudly : 2 min mom i am searching for my socks.( mostly in headphones, on UPS….kabhi kabhi yahan bhi nahi :) )

Mom : Okay, come fast .

(8:05 A:M)

What now, Hands are working as fast as machine do, fastly I take my breakfast and pick my cell phone that only use for FM :) and go to office.

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